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Thursday 15th November '18

Cadenhead’s Introducing… Florian Strauß

Categories: Cadenhead the Myth, the legend!, Opinions, shops

Welcome to the first edition of our new feature, Cadenhead’s Introducing… Every week we will speak to a member of the (growing) Cadenhead family and…

By: Nathan Currie

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Friday 5th October '18

Cadenhead Club: A Second Chance

Categories: Uncategorised, Whisky Release

    Cadenhead Club: A Second Chance The first of the new Cadenhead Club bottlings was launched yesterday and promptly sold out in 5 hours…

By: Mark Watt

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Friday 28th September '18

Two New Cask Aged Old Raj Gins

Categories: Cocktails, Gin

Classic Rum Cask & Caol Ila Cask Aged Old Raj Gin Release Cask Aged Gin is not a new thing – just ask the Geneva…

By: Mark Watt

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Tuesday 11th September '18

How We Allocate Our Whisky

Categories: Opinions, shops, Whisky Release

Following some slight bursts of hysteria on social media – not quite at Macallan Genesis levels, I admit – I thought that it might be…

By: Mark Watt

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Tuesday 4th September '18

Trust your Instincts

Categories: Cadenhead the Myth, the legend!, Campbeltown, Opinions, Out and About, shops

There is an issue that I have noticed in my time in this line of work and that is a lack of confidence with a…

By: Cameron

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Thursday 23rd August '18

Innovation and Tradition

Categories: History, Opinions, Uncategorised

“Innovation” and “tradition” are words that are bandied about in press releases regarding whisky at an alarming rate without much thought as to what they…

By: Mark Watt

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Monday 30th July '18

My Work Trip to Charpentier Cognac

Categories: Cognac, Out and About

  Now that Jenna and Cameron are handling all the sales and Julie and Jess have got all the orders, despatches etc under control it…

By: Mark Watt

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