The Cadenhead's Ethos

Our Ethos

Our selection of Casks

The first thing we always say is, “it’s what is inside the bottle that counts.” The selection of casks is a massive part of that and we concentrate on it hugely. We own thousands of casks and we are always buying more so we have a wide variety to choose from for bottling now and also to lay down for future releases.  The selection of casks is key for us to select high quality whisky with a varied range of ages, cask types and distillery styles. We own casks from a large number of Scottish distilleries and many from other countries too.

We age our spirits to perfection…

Well, we think they are perfect anyway! We are not under pressure to bottle whisky just to make money so this allows us to stay true to our ethos and focus on the quality of what we bottle, not the quantity. We only release what we want to bottle, regardless of the whisky’s age, what distillery it’s from or how well we think it will sell.

It’s the taste that matters most to us – and we love finding hidden gems

We don’t get distracted by things like the age of the whisky or whether it was distilled at a fashionable distillery – we don’t let these things influence our decisions when deciding what to release. We bottle what we want, when we want and we make the decision to do so based only on the taste, nothing else.  Although it is very easy for us to bottle an attractive whisky from a big name distillery we also take pride in finding hidden gems from perhaps lesser known distilleries.

Matured and Bottled in the original whisky capital of the world; Campbeltown

We bottle all of our products locally, here in Campbeltown. Our ethos comes from the wider attitude of our parent company, J & A Mitchell & Co Ltd, which also owns Campbeltown distilleries Springbank and Mitchell’s Glengyle. We do everything in-house and employ our staff from throughout the local community.  Campbeltown was once the whisky capital of the world and we are very proud to be based in a town with such exalted history within our industry.

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