Virtual Tasting Week – Cadenhead’s Bottles + Tasting Packs

Virtual Tasting Week


Cadenhead’s Bottles + Tasting Packs


Thank you to everyone who has purchased the bottles and tasting packs from ourselves and our friends at Springbank + Kilkerran.


Although our tasting packs have now sold out we are delighted to say we can still offer a number of our “Open Day” bottles – you can get your hands on them here:


We look forward to joining many of you for our tasting on 29th October!

Nathan Currie


Nathan Currie

2 thoughts on “Virtual Tasting Week – Cadenhead’s Bottles + Tasting Packs

  1. Hi Nathan,

    How can I reserve or a pre-order a bottle of Springbank local Barley coming out on the 26th March?

    1. Please contact your preferred Cadenhead’s shop and speak to the team there about your options. Alternatively, please email [email protected] and ask our friends at Springbank if they could recommend a contact for their products.

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