Cadenhead’s in the Courtyard – Tasting Details

We are excited to share some further news and ticket information on our Cadenhead’s in the Courtyard event which will take place on Friday 13th September.


Based in and around the Campbeltown Cadenhead Shop’s Tasting Room, guests can enjoy the finest Cadenhead products in Campbeltown, surrounded by the Cadenhead team.


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The Courtyard Event


The day will be based around our main Courtyard event which will begin at 12 noon and finish at 4pm. At this event, there will be various stations set up with the opportunity to sample different whiskies, poured from the cask with the chance to buy bottles from the casks. At each station, you will also get to sample a variety of local produce.


In addition to the stations, there will be a Cadenhead Gantry Bar where you will find some unique bottlings and, from 4pm-6pm, you will have exclusive access to the Campbeltown Cadenhead Shop and THE CADENHEAD CAGE (which opens at 4pm).


The Courtyard ticket costs £45.00 per person and includes 9 tokens which can be used at the stations or gantry bar, a Glencairn glass and canapés. Tickets are limited to 4 per transaction.


Tasting Events


In addition to the Courtyard event, there will also be the opportunity to join our mini tastings happening throughout the day.


The following 4 tastings will take place above the Tasting Room. They will include 4 drams, last for approximately 40 minutes each and will cost £20 per tasting. Tickets are limited to 2 per event, per transaction:


12:30pm – WoodFellas

This presentation of 4 whiskies, each matured in different styles of wood, will give an insight into why cask management is so important and how we go about it.


1:30pm – The French Connection

Join us for a tasting of 4 ‘malternatives’, all hailing from France and which follow Cadenhead’s ethos of no added colouring and no chill filtering.


2:30pm – Grainspotting

An informal tasting of 4 grain whiskies from past, present and future releases, where one of the Cadenhead’s team will showcase this often overlooked style of whisky.


3:30pm – The Rumming Man

A run through of 4 varying styles of single cask rums from different countries, all of which will be included in an upcoming Cadenhead release.


As well as the above tastings, we will be hosting 4 mini warehouse tastings which will include 3 exclusive single casks only available on this day. Please note that each tasting will use the same 3 drams. All of the drams tasted will be available for purchase by participants.


The tastings will take place in our Cadenhead Warehouse at Springbank Distillery. They will include 3 drams, last for approximately 30 minutes each and will cost £20.00 per tasting. Tickets are limited to 2 per event, per transaction. They will be available at the following times:


12:30pm – The Nightmare on Glebe Street Part 1

1:15pm – The Nightmare on Glebe Street Part 2

2:00pm – The Nightmare on Glebe Street Part 3

2:45pm – The Nightmare on Glebe Street Part 4


Tickets for all the above events are on sale now. Tickets are available to purchase on Eventbrite – click here to buy tickets


If you have any questions or issues, please email [email protected] and one of the team will help you.


Nathan Currie


Nathan Currie

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