Where to buy?

As our Cadenhead Shops continue to flourish I thought this was a good opportunity to remind you all of the many ways you can purchase our Cadenhead range, especially since our Authentic Collection is exclusive to our shops!  

Has anyone been lucky enough to visit each Cadenhead Shop?



Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop

Doeblinger Hauptstraße 32

1190 Vienna 


(+43) 677 622 476 40 

Email – [email protected] 

Website – www.cadenhead-vienna.at

The most recent addition to the Cadenhead family we welcomed the Vienna shop in August 2018.  A rather colourful shop with a personal touch from owners Florian and Manfred. Our Austrian customers have the opportunity to visit their web shop for all the bottlings available in the shop (and these orders can be shipped out to you).




Cadenhead Whisky Shop

Kongensgade 69f 

5000 Odense 


(+45) 6613 9505

                                                                                  Email – [email protected] 

                                                                                  Website – www.cadenhead.dk

Probably our biggest and most comfortable Cadenhead shop where you will receive a very warm welcome from Kis & Angus. Filled with Cadenhead goodies that you will not be disappointed with. And they have a web shop – available to dispatch around the world… including America! 



Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop

26 Chiltern Street



(+44) 207 935 6999

Email – [email protected] 

Website – www.whiskytastingroom.com

Just off the famous Baker Street you will find the as equally famous London Shop. Pop in for a story or two with Steve, Richard and Joel. I am sure they will provide you with drams too!  With their new website you can grab the latest releases for shipment within the UK as well as the opportunity to book on to tastings held in the London shop tasting room – situated just below the shop. 




Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop

Boxhagener Strasse 33

10245 Berlin 


(+49) 30 22 600 610

Email – [email protected]

Website – www.cadenheads-whisky-shop-berlin.de


Cadenhead’s Whisky Market

Luxemburger Strasse 257

50939 Cologne 


(+49) 221 283 1834 

Email – [email protected] 

Website – www.cadenheads.de

Opening in March 2018, and in their new premises, we have our Berlin Shop. You have the opportunity to find some real hidden gems upon the handcrafted wooden shelves and Stefan will be available to point you towards a bottle or two…

The first Cadenhead Shop out-with the UK was also in Germany; in Cologne you will meet the very hard working team of Markus, Gregor, Daniel, Jorg and Steffi.

You can also visit both Berlin and Cologne websites (links above) to get your hands on what you are looking for.



Once a Whisky Bar, we are eagerly awaiting the opening of a new shop in Milan with the team ready and raring to go.  In the meantime, we have the Italian web shop providing Cadenhead fans with the latest releases from Cadenhead within Italy.  For shipment outside of Italy, you can get in touch via the website. 


Website – www.cadenhead.it




Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop

30 – 32 Union Street 


PA28 6JA

(+44) 1586 551710 

Email – [email protected]t 

Website – www.cadenhead.shop


Cadenhead’s Whisky Shop

172 Canongate



(+44) 131 556 5864

Email – [email protected] 

Website – www.cadenhead.shop 


In the west of Scotland, down the long, winding road of beautiful scenery in the south of Argyll,  you will find our Campbeltown Shop (it’s right next door to Cadenhead’s HQ!). With Lewis, Calum, Neil, Susan & Janet you will have plenty of help on hand. Check out the “staff picks” while you are there, too, to see what our staff are enjoying.

Oldest of the bunch we have our Edinburgh Shop… and a very quirky shop it is too! After a recent makeover it is well worth a walk down the Royal Mile to check out the latest offers on the famous Blackboard and enjoy a chat with the boys – Alan, Robert, Torin, Craig, Josh, Bruce & Andrew. 

With the recent addition of a new web shop for Scotland you will be able to purchase the latest bottlings for delivery across the globe.




Cadenhead’s Whisky & More

Mittlere Gasse 15

5400 Baden 


(+41) 56 222 04 44

Email – [email protected] 

Website – www.cadenheads.ch

A shop on the corner situated in Baden town centre, Peter will be on hand to help you with anything you need to know.  A web shop is also available to search for all Cadenhead bottlings currently in store with shipment available within Switzerland.  

Jenna McIntosh


Jenna McIntosh

Jenna has lived in Campbeltown all her life and started working for the company in 2009. She has held a variety of roles between then and now, originally starting as an office junior before working as an office administrator for J&A Mitchell, then Springbank Distillers, then finally finding her way to the Cadenhead office. She now serves as a Sales Executive responsible for the Cadenhead shops.

6 thoughts on “Where to buy?

  1. I would like to buy Cadenheads bottlings online as I live in Yorkshire and there is no Cadenheads shop here.
    When I look at your offerings, I have pressed the ‘add to basket’ key but there does not seem to be a next step to actually buying the bottle I am interested in.
    Can you advise.

  2. Nathan, Is Pacific Edge Wine and Spirits still your importer for the United States? I went to the website and cannot find Cadenhead Scotch, just rum.

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