Small Batch Single
Malt Whisky
Bottled at 46%

Small Batch 46

Our Small Batch 46 range was made up vattings of a small number of casks and bottled at 46%. When deciding what strength to release our whiskies at, taste is the only factor we consider – because taste is what matters most to us. That’s true regardless of whether we are discussing historical or current releases. We used a maximum of 3 casks per bottling so we never mass produced. This means that every Cadenhead’s Small Batch 46 release was limited and unique.

At Cadenhead’s we are proud to say that;

  • We did not add artificial colouring
  • We did not chill filter

Latest Small Batch 46% Releases

Here is a small sample of some of our previous bottlings.

If you’re looking for more of our previous listings, come and have a look back through the Bottling Archive.

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