Small Batch
Cask Strength

Small Batch Cask Strength Whisky

Our Small Batch Cask Strength releases are vattings of a maximum of 4 casks, but normally 2 or 3 casks, and these whiskies are bottled at Cask Strength. The only factor that we consider when deciding what strength to release a whisky at is taste – because taste is what matters most to us. And we are pleased to say that these bottles are available globally as well as in our shops.

At Cadenhead’s we are proud to say that;

  • We do not add artificial colouring
  • We do not chill filter

Latest Small Batch Cask Strength Releases

Here is a small sample of some of our previous bottlings.

If you’re looking for more of our previous listings, come and have a look back through the Bottling Archive.

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