Whisky Fest Baden

12:00, 11th Jun ‘22

From Cadenhead’s Baden:

“The Corona restrictions are gone, time for a Whiskey Fest Baden!

Once again, 100 bottles will be available for tasting from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. In addition, a rarity bar, free beer and our 5 barrels.

A walk through half of the old town takes you past various stations. Our team of experts will accompany you on your spiritual journey.

In addition to the shop, the Walter Bar, the unavoidable Bar and the Bistro Bar are taking part in this, the largest 1-day event in the Swiss whiskey industry.

The special guest is the Säntisblick distillery: Swiss whiskey at its finest

Registration is not necessary, there will be no ticket sales. The CHF 70 is to be paid directly on site. Please do not shop via the webshop.
Only the rarities are not included in the price, they have to be paid directly at the rarity bar at a price of 1cl.”

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