Online Tasting Week - Launch

14:00, 12th Apr ‘21
Online (via Campbeltown)

Online Tasting Week Information – Monday 5th April 2021

We are delighted to provide you all with details about our upcoming Online Tasting Week.

From Monday 10th to Friday 14th May 2021, we will be hosting a range of tastings featuring whiskies from Springbank, Glengyle and Cadenhead’s. The tastings will be presented by members of our team and broadcast live via Facebook and YouTube each evening.


There will be tasting packs to accompany each event and there will also be a number of bottles released to celebrate our Online Tasting Week.


The tasting packs along with exclusive Online Tasting Week bottles of Hazelburn, Springbank, Longrow and Kilkerran will go on sale on Monday 12th April. Cadenhead’s bottles will go on sale during the Online Tasting Week – more information on all of these bottles is included later in this announcement.


Cadenhead’s Club members and Springbank Society members will be given early access to next week’s sale.


From 2pm, the page will then be accessible via the homepage of where members of the public can make their purchases.


Online Tasting & Pack Information


Monday 10th May – Kilkerran 15yo Single Cask Tasting

Join David Allen, Grant Macpherson and Nicole Lindsay in this special tasting to try all 13 single casks which were bottled for selected markets around the world to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the reopening of Glengyle Distillery. A once in a lifetime opportunity to try all casks side by side, in a single sitting. You will also get the opportunity to taste the exclusive Kilkerran Online Tasting Week bottle. The tasting will start at 7:30pm (UK time) and can be viewed on Facebook @KilkerranSingleMalt and on YouTube @ J & A Mitchell.

The tasting pack will include fourteen 1cl samples and the whiskies are as follows:

Kilkerran 15yo Bourbon Wood – 53.1% (UK)

Kilkerran 15yo Bourbon Wood – 53.5% (Austria, Canada and South Korea)

Kilkerran 15yo Rum Wood – 53.2% (Distillery Exclusive)

Kilkerran 15yo Madeira Wood – 51.1% (Taiwan)

Kilkerran 15yo Fino Wood – 51.6% (Netherlands, Poland and Switzerland)

Kilkerran 15yo Fino Wood – 52.0% (China)

Kilkerran 15yo Fino Wood – 52.1% (Belgium)

Kilkerran 15yo Port Wood – 51.2% (Denmark)

Kilkerran 15yo Port Wood – 51.5% (Germany)

Kilkerran 15yo Port Wood – 51.8% (Italy)

Kilkerran 15yo Oloroso Wood – 51.5% (USA)

Kilkerran 15yo Oloroso Wood – 52.0% (Japan)

Kilkerran 15yo Oloroso Wood – 52.6% (France)

Kilkerran 5yo Heavily Peated Online Tasting Week – 58.2%


Price of Pack: £40.00


Tuesday 11th May – Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting


Join Cameron McGeachy and Jenna McIntosh from inside the Cadenhead’s warehouse as they guide you through all 6 of the interesting and varied drams in your pack. This is a chance to taste them all before the bottles go on sale later in the evening. The tasting will start at 7:30pm (UK time) and can be viewed on Facebook @WmCadenheadLtd and on YouTube @ J & A Mitchell.

The tasting pack will include six 2cl samples and the whiskies are as follows:

Irish 10yo – 48.8%

Inchmurrin 24yo – 48.7%

Cadenhead’s Anomaly Blended Malt – 49.4%

Tomatin 10yo – 53.7%

High Coast 7yo – 61.8%

Caol Ila 15yo – 54.6%

Each of the above casks will be bottled and these will be available for sale immediately following this tasting. People who have bought packs for this tasting will have first access to purchase these bottles – with a public sale at a later date (subject to availability).


Price of Pack: £40.00


Wednesday 12th May – Springbank: New and Forthcoming Releases Tasting


Enjoy Springbank’s New and Forthcoming Releases in the company of David Allen and Grant Macpherson. The tasting will include samples of new and forthcoming releases of Springbank, Longrow and Hazelburn alongside samples of three of our exclusive Online Tasting Week bottles. The tasting will start at 7:30pm (UK time) and can be viewed on Facebook @officialspringbankwhisky and on YouTube @ J & A Mitchell.

The tasting pack will include six 2cl samples and the whiskies are as follows:

Hazelburn 15yo Online Tasting Week –  54.9%

Hazelburn 21yo – 46.0%

Springbank 12yo Cask Strength – 55.4%

Springbank 8yo Online Tasting Week – 56.5%

Longrow 17yo Online Tasting Week – 50.5%

Longrow Red 14yo 2022 Release – 52.7%


Price of Pack: £35.00


Thursday 13th May – Cadenhead’s Recent Highlights Tasting


The Cadenhead’s team will be on hand again to lead a tasting featuring 6 of our recent favourites. Celebrating the range of whiskies we have to offer, this tasting provides a varied look at Cadenhead’s bottlings with each one being carefully selected by the team to accurately reflect the company today. The tasting will start at 7:30pm (UK time) and can be viewed on Facebook @WmCadenheadLtd and on YouTube @ J & A Mitchell.

The tasting pack will include six 2cl samples and the whiskies are as follows:

Glenallachie-Glenlivet 12yo – 61.7%

Jura 11yo – 55.2%

Fettercairn 31yo – 54.7%

Paul John 7yo – 55.4%

Highland Park 28yo – 58.7%

Ledaig 12yo – 55.8%

Price of Pack: £40.00


Friday 14th May – Springbank: Sherry Cask Tasting 


Marketing Manager Nicole Lindsay hosts Director of Production Findlay Ross as he gives you a sneak preview of Springbank’s upcoming Sherry series with a selection of 6 ‘in motion’ cask samples. Questions in advance of the tasting are welcomed, ideally about Springbank and Sherry! The tasting will start at 7:30pm (UK time) and can be viewed on Facebook @officialspringbankwhisky and on YouTube @ J & A Mitchell.

The tasting pack will include six 2cl samples and the whiskies are as follows:

Springbank 9yo Oloroso – 58.3%

Springbank 4yo Manzanilla – 57.9%

Springbank 5yo Fino – 59.1%

Springbank 6yo Amontillado – 58.0%

Springbank 7yo Palo Cortado – 56.9%

Springbank 8yo Pedro Ximénez – 57.1%

Price of Pack: £35.00


Please note that there will be a limit of 1 Kilkerran pack and 2 of each other pack, per transaction.


Online Tasting Week Bottle Information


As well as the tasting packs which will be on offer for each tasting, we will also be releasing special ‘Online Tasting Week’ bottles. Below are the details of each release:



Our Kilkerran Online Tasting Week Bottle is a 5yo Heavily Peated whisky which has been matured in Fresh Oloroso casks. This has been bottled at 58.2% and will retail at £50.00. The tasting notes for our Kilkerran Online Tasting Week Bottle are:

Nose: A peaty punch carried on the salty sea breeze. There is a malty sweetness, and strong maritime influence, reminiscent of fishing nets, seashells and brine of the harbour. A sweet and savoury hint of warm popcorn.

Palate: The coastal sweet characteristics continue accompanied by nutty, sweet notes of dark chocolate, marzipan, toasted almonds and blackened, bubbling marshmallows over the bonfire. There is a hint of savoury oak smoked cheese.

Finish: Robust peat smoke characteristics remain with hints of sweet, baked pineapple.



Our Hazelburn Online Tasting Week Bottle is a 15yo whisky which has been matured in Fresh Oloroso casks. This has been bottled at 54.9% and will retail at £85.00. The tasting notes for our Hazelburn Online Tasting Week Bottle are:

Nose: Sweet and citrusy orange marmalade, with a ‘green’ herbaceous note like tomato plant leaves in the greenhouse. There is a cleansing eucalyptus influence and a nostalgic, musty hint of well-thumbed bank notes.

Palate: The sweet, zesty, dusty notes continue along with the refreshing hint of mint. A slight, sweet spiciness of grated nutmeg follows along with dried apricots, mango and hard-boiled sweets.

Finish: Refreshing, zestiness prevails with notes of lemongrass and dried fruits followed with warm toasted brown bread.



Our Springbank Online Tasting Week Bottle is an 8yo whisky which was matured in Refill Bourbon casks for 6 years followed by 2 years in Fresh Pedro Ximénez casks. This has been bottled at 56.5% and will retail at £60.00. The tasting notes for our Springbank Online Tasting Week Bottle are:

Nose: Rich, sweet and savoury with notes of juicy red apples, smoked cheese and treacle. There are hints of mahogany and sugar coated cola cubes.

Palate: Dried fruits and nutty characteristics; dates, walnuts, dried apricots and ripe figs. A buttery biscuit flavour develops. Warm shortbread and baked apple crumble with a hint of vanilla and sprinkling of crushed sea salt.

Finish: The sweet caramel sweetness of cola cubes continues, with notes of dates, prunes and a smoky, ashy finish; reminiscent of smouldering embers in the fireplace.



Our Longrow Online Tasting Week Bottle is a 17yo whisky which has been matured in Fresh Rum casks. This has been bottled at 50.5% and will retail at £100.00. The tasting notes for our Longrow Online Tasting Week Bottle are:

Nose: This Longrow is packed with tropical fruit juicy sweetness; coconut, bananas, pineapple, molasses and a hint of spice.

Palate: Fruity and sweet with notes of ripe apricots, vanilla custard and demerara sugar. There is a delicate, herby characteristic like newly harvested hops.

Finish: The finish is biscuity with typical coastal sea salt, brine and integrated peat smoke. A true Longrow dram from Campbeltown via the Caribbean!


Please note that there will be a limit of 2 of each bottle, per transaction.


Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting Bottles

Cadenhead’s Online Tasting Week Bottles will be sold after the Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting on Tuesday 11th May.

These bottles will initially be available to customers who purchased tasting packs for the Online Cadenhead’s Warehouse Tasting. These customers will receive an email (sent to the email address you used when buying your packs) on the evening of the Warehouse Tasting with details on how to purchase bottles. Like all the other Online Tasting Week products, these bottles will be sold through Subject to availability, a public sale will take place at a later date.

Please see tasting details for more information on the six whiskies that will be available to purchase. Prices will be confirmed via email at a later date.



We have been working on our shipping since the UK left the EU at the beginning of the year. This has been quite a complicated process and we hope that relations between our country and others within the EU will develop to be less restrictive. However, for now, we have found that we are no longer able to ship alcohol to many of the countries we previously could. The pandemic is also causing an extra layer of complication.



Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Japan, Latvia, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, South Africa, Taiwan and the United Kingdom.

Should your country no longer be listed, you may ship to an alternative address where alcohol is permitted to be sent if you have the opportunity to do so. Please note we will continue to review the countries we can ship to on a regular basis.

Orders placed outside of the UK, including all of Europe and the EEA, are now subject to taxes and duty on arrival at the destination country. The delivery price quoted on our website does not include these charges. We do not control import duty charges nor are we liable to pay any of these charges which must be paid by the recipient.   It is important you check local taxes and duty before purchasing bottles and/or packs. Should goods be refused, we cannot guarantee you will be refunded as these may be destroyed.


Due to the majority of our staff currently working from home, there will be no-one in the office to receive telephone enquiries. Please send any queries you may have to [email protected] and we will aim to get back to you as soon as possible.



The Cadenhead’s Team

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