Köpenicker Whiskyfest

4:00 pm, 3rd Sep ‘21 to 22:00:00, 4th Sep ‘21
Freiheit 15, 12555 Berlin

Our team from Berlin will be representing Cadenhead’s at the Köpenicker Whiskyfest.


About the event:

Köpenicker Whisykfest

In 2020 our whiskey festival was under special corona conditions. We would like to thank you and our exhibitors for the joint effort to meet all safety precautions.

We will celebrate together in 2021 as well. Our 9th Köpenick Whiskey Festival will take place in any case, hopefully again with the usual ease and without major restrictions.

So we look forward to your visit.

Opening hours:

Friday, 3.9.2021 from 4 p.m.


Saturday, 4.9.2021 from 2 p.m.

Further information on the implementation of the whiskey festival under current Corona conditions will follow in good time.

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