Islay and Peat

19:00, 9th Oct ‘21
Cadenhead's Cologne

Forming part of the extensive range of tastings offered by Cadenhead’s Cologne throughout October, “Islay and peat” hosted by Marc C. Glissmann will present peated Islay, peated non-Islay and non-peated Islay Whiskys and talk about the finer details of producing these whiskies.


Extra Info from Cadenhead’s Cologne

“Finally back in the program: The Islay and Peat Tasting moderated by Marc Glissmann with predominantly peaty and non-peaty whiskeys from Islay, as well as peaty whiskeys from other regions. For peat lovers and those who want to become one. A very smoky affair for the palate but not for the lungs.

The exact program has not yet been determined, but 9 strong whiskeys will be served.

UA will be Ardmore, Kilkerran Heavely Peated and Ardbeg Traigh Bhan – Small Batch – Sherry Wood.

start at 7:00 p.m.

Cadenhead’s Tasting Room, Luxemburger Straße 212, diagonally across from Cadenhead’s Whiskey Market.”

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